4 Reasons to Keep on Boating in the Fall

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Lifestyle

It’s a little hard to believe that Labor Day is already this weekend, but the signs are here! The kids are back at school, the evenings are starting to get a little crisp, there’s a heck of a lot less sunshine and a lot more weather. Autumn isn’t quite here, but the summer is certainly slipping away.

The sunny days have passed by, sure, but the best of boating season is still upon us! Off-season can be the best season! There’s a lot to be happy about in the fall when you are a recreational boater. Here are our four favorite reasons to be fall boaters!

Fall Pontoon With Boaters in the Water in Autumn

1: Getting the Water to Yourself

We’re all about community here at RaftUp, but even we would admit that it’s nice to get some one-on-one time with your favorite body of water. Fall is when tourists and seasonal boaters tend to pack up and leave. This means that there is less wait at the boat ramp, the waterways are less crowded, and more of the people that you do see on the water are people you know. A lot of the hassle of summer boating is gone, and you get to spend more time doing what you set out to.

Kayaks Foreground Cabin in Autumn Fall Season Boating

2: More Affordable Lodging

Fall is a great time to plan a weekend getaway if you’re a boater on a budget. Because there is less tourism in the fall, the rates for hotel rooms tend to decrease. Lodging can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you aren’t that far from home! Our pro tip is to ask the receptionist if there is a discount for being a resident of the same state. You would be surprised how often there is!
Boating Fall Lake Lake View Autumn Chairs Beach

3: Beautiful Landscapes

A lot of boaters are in it for the views. There is a lot of natural beauty that peeks out when the weather changes, and boaters get a front-seat view. Being on the water in the fall lets you see more of the changing leaves as you cruise past trees. It’s dark earlier in the fall, but boaters also get an unadulterated view of the really stellar fall sunsets.
Canoe Fall in the Autumn - Boaters Leaves Orange

4: Finding New Ways to Enjoy the Water

Though it will start getting a tad chilly for power-boating, the fall is the best time for kayaking and canoeing. Whether you are in it for exercise or for the relaxation, the cool, quiet fall makes this particular breed of recreational boating a fantastic experience. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming post about rowing and paddling in any season
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