5 Things You Should Know About Rust

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Boat/Product Reviews

Rust is a common and unwelcome sight for a boater. It’s dangerous, destructive, and just plain ugly. It has been a part of the marine life ever since mankind started floating metal on water. Since rust is a part of the boating life, it’s best to get familiar with it. Here are some things about rust that we think you should know about:
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1: How Rust is Formed 

Put simply, rust is a type of corrosion that occurs when iron, water, and oxygen react with each other. The reaction creates a flaky red coating of rust, or iron oxide, on metals containing iron. Iron oxide is actually iron’s most stable state, so the water and oxygen help accelerate the process of stabilization.

Unlike the green oxidation that happens to copper, rust does not protect the metal beneath it from corrosion. That is why the copper Statue of Liberty is still standing strong, while the old steel fishing boat abandoned at your neighborhood dock is nearly disintegrated.

Boat Rust Rust Removal Rust Prevention How to Prevent Rust

2: Rust is Responsible for Your Silica Gel Packet Collection

If you have ever been bewildered as to why your most recent online order came with a silica gel packet, rust is the answer. Anything that is manufactured overseas has to travel, well, over the sea. The silica gel packet is mostly there to protect products from the salty humidity of a ship’s cargo hold during the trip across the ocean. This protects a product from corrosion and rot, helping to maintain durability and quality.  
Boat Rust Rust Removal Rust Prevention How to Prevent Rust

3: Rust Does Not Cause Tetanus

When your skin is scratched or punctured by sharp rust, it is a relief to remember that you’ve had a recent tetanus shot. Rust alone, however, is not the guilty culprit that causes tetanus. Tetanus comes from spores from the bacteria Clostridium tetani. The spores are often present in rust, but that is simply because rust is a sign that a piece of metal has been neglected or left outdoors for long enough to harbor the tetanus-causing spores. Therefore, cozying up to a rusty pontoon is still inadvisable.
Boat Rust Rust Removal Rust Prevention How to Prevent Rust

4: Rust is Expensive

The economic impact of rust is really astounding. The annual cost of corrosion in the United States alone is $450 billion. That’s about 3.4% of the nation’s GDP. You may have been a part of this figure if you’ve ever had to replace a rusty propellor!
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5: Rust is Preventable

You don’t have to put up with corrosion. Rust can be impossible to remove, so it’s good to know how to prevent rust. We recommend using MC-300 to protect your boat and marine accessories from corrosion. It’s a patented product that applies a hydrophobic film to surfaces, protecting them from being attacked by moisture. MC-300 is safe for all surfaces and  protects from salt brine and acids. MC-300, unlike competing corrosion protectants, dries in minutes and does not leave a sticky, gooey film on surfaces. It’s translucent and dries hard so you know it’s there! MC-300 also distinguishes itself from other corrosion protectants by being non-flammable, non-conductive, and non-oil based. 
Boat Rust Rust Removal Rust Prevention How to Prevent Rust

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