Hack the RaftUp App for Your Event!

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

There are two things that are always a pain when you’re attending an event: finding your friends and finding out where to go.

In ye olde days, we printed out maps and directories to hand out. Here’s the thing about paper: It’s kind of like getting a potted plant for your birthday. It’s a nice gesture, but now you’re responsible for just one more thing. Also, a paper map fails to tell you where you are – every single time. If you’re misguided, lost, or can’t find someone, a paper map tells you to hope you cross paths with someone. If you didn’t find your destination, you were pretty much SOL.

Historical photo: The Scourge of Paper. Pictured is your dad scrawling the world’s worst map on the back of a Chinese restaurant menu and sending you on your way.

Paper was always bad for events, but we put up with it because it was our only option.

Now we have a better option: The RaftUp app.

You know that RaftUp can be used to help you find your way on the water, but RaftUp’s map and other features are incredibly versatile. Whether you are on water or on land, you can hack the RaftUp app to be your event coordinator. Here’s 3 ways you can use the RaftUp app to help make your event a breeze.

1: Use the RaftUp App to Find Your Friends!

Sharing phone numbers and constantly calling people you may not know that well to find them at an event can be a hassle. If you have your attendees download the RaftUp app, they can add other attendees as friends and find each other on the map!

2: Mark all of the Important Places

Did you know you can make your own event point of interest in the RaftUp app? All you have to do is tap the map, select your point of interest type, and fill in the fields. This lets your attendees find the right places in an interactive map. This is especially useful for an outdoor event like a scavenger hunt or a hike.

If you would like your point of interest to have a nice colorful icon, let us know! The RaftUp team can make your event stand out on the map.

3: Share the Fun!

The RaftUp app provides a way for your attendees to freely share what they enjoy about your event. The RaftUp activity feed is casual, fun, and drama-free. Your attendees don’t have to worry about the scornful eyes of their Facebook friends when they post about your event in the RaftUp app.
We are always happy to help answer any questions you have about the RaftUp. Feel free to reach out to us at contact@raftup.com for more information! 

Gigantic Update to the RaftUp app Coming Soon!

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