6 things you need to know before going on Georgia Pellegrini’s Adventure Getaway

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Interviews, Lifestyle

10 years ago, Georgia Pellegrini started taking women on excursions to step outside their comfort zones and discover their true potential. Author, chef, TV personality, and pioneer Georgia Pellegrini sat down with us to talk about her upcoming Adventure Getaway and why you need to go on one now!

1: Her adventure getaways are geared only towards women

Photo Credit: Kelly Turso

There are plenty of outlets in outdoor recreation for men, but such outlets for women are rare. The outdoor industry has failed to extend these experiences to women, and Georgia is combatting this inequity. Georgia Pellegrini’s Adventure Getaways custom tailor the teaching, clothing, and environment of these outdoor activities so that women can establish their place in the outdoors and thrive. By making them comfortable with hunting and fishing, Georgia’s Getaways establish its female participants as leaders in their outdoors.

2: Any and every women can go on an Adventure Getaway

Photo Credit: Kelly Turso

Young or old, American or not, experienced or inexperienced, every women is encouraged to take one of these journeys. Getaways have welcomed participants from age 22-75 and included women from as far away as South Korea.

3: Once you attend a getaway, you are part of a family

Pellegrini is passionate about the beautiful network of women that is created over the course of just one weekend. Pellegrini’s favorite part of Getaways is watching all of the women supporting and cheering each other on and sharing cross-generational experiences. Many of these new lifelong friends reconnect over the Georgia Pellegrini’s Adventure Getaways Facebook group where they share their adventurous stories and plan reunion getaways.

4: You are going to leave with a lifelong skill

Getaways have included fishing, ATV riding, archery, falconry and horseback riding. Each getaway also includes a cooking or pioneer skills class. Georgia’s Getaways incorporate new skills and bring expertise to grow your understanding of the natural world around us.

5: You might surprise yourself by how naturally good you are

Photo Credit: Jamison Mosley

Women often doubt themselves, and they tend to be their own worst critics. Georgia says that women are often shocked at their natural aptitude at something they have never tried before when they come on these trips. Many of the women turn out to be very good shots, because they are patient and meticulous.

6: There is still time to sign up for the next adventure getaway!

There are still positions available for January’s adventure: hunting wild boar in Texas. You will spend a weekend (Thursday-Sunday) learning how to hunt, harvest, gut, clean, and skin wild boar. You will also learn how to make wild boar sausage that you get to take home! Along with the outdoor rugged element, Georgia Pellegrini’s Adventure Getaways also include some comfort time. There will be food and wine, s’mores on the fire, and lots of laughter. Spots for January’s Getaway will fill up quickly, so sign up here!

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