11 Things to know about living on a boat

by | Dec 6, 2018 | Interviews

  1. You will never have a dull conversation again. Anytime someone asks you how you are liking the city or where you live, you will mention that you live on a boat and instantly get bombarded with questions that will keep you talking for hours.  

2. Choose your marina wisely, especially if you will be docked there for a while. Some marinas encompass a community feeling where everyone is friendly and welcoming, and some do not.    

3. Always lock up your valuables no matter how safe the atmosphere feels.

4. Mix and mingle with your neighbors, especially in the summertime. You will hear some very interesting stories and you may end up meeting people that become your best friends.

5. Downsize, downsize, downsize. This will happen naturally, but what many people don’t think about is the lack of amenities on a boat. The shower is small, the restroom is a hassle to clean, and the fridge is tiny. It’s a boat, not your apartment, you don’t have space for unnecessary objects.

6. Make sure you have spent a few nights on a small boat or a houseboat so you can get an understanding of whether you will be able to live on a boat or not Think of it as a trial before the full on purchase. When you boat is docked, the rocking isn’t terrible, but there is movement that can be disorienting if you aren’t used to it.

7. Living on a boat isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. You will definitely still have to maintain your boat, live a minimalist lifestyle, and constantly plan ahead. Make sure you are checking your boat constantly so it doesn’t go out of disrepair. Check to see what amenities are included so that you can go in with a plan. Some only come with an outdoor grill to heat up your food, a mini fridge that doesn’t fit much food, and if you are a tall human, a very low ceiling. Check it out, before you cash out.

8. The summers are the best. Embrace the fact that your home is a boat! Take it out, throw some parties and enjoy the view!

9. On the other hand, winters are brutal. Some boats don’t have insulation in the bowel where you sleep. Be prepared with blankets and such so you don’t freeze your booty off, mate.  

10. Tell your guests to use the restroom on the dock. The restrooms on boats are usually tiny, hard to clean and easy to stink. If they don’t listen, there will be a sh*tshow on your boat, literally.

11. Whether you spend a month or a few years living on a boat, you will learn a lot about yourself. You will go through some challenges and some wonderful moments. The experience is an adventure in itself and will teach you what you can and cannot handle. You will leave with a plethora of life lessons learned and you’ll eventually learn how to keep an even keel.

This list was derived from an interview with Keenan Abner, Senior Business Analyst at RaftUp, who spent 2 years living on a boat. Read the full interview here!!

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