4 Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Spotless

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Boat/Product Reviews

The warm summer breeze is gently bobbing the boats at the marina. The sun is beating down and you are so eager to take out your brand new boat that you throw a bunch of random snacks together in a bag (and proper life vests of course…safety first!) and take your family to your new, pristine, white boat.

Everything is spotless from the hull up to the beautiful, white vinyl seats. Fast forward to lunch time. Your kids break out the red gatorade, strawberries, and their sandwich bags which have conveniently been labeled with permanent marker. Ultimately, we all know that those vinyl seats are no longer white after lunch time.

Relax, there is no need to fret! With the following tips, you can keep your boats vinyl spotless and prevent this vinyl disaster.

1: You need sunscreen, your boat does not! 

At the beginning of the day apply spray sunscreen while on the dock and away from the boat. When sunscreen sprays, clear ones especially, they stick to almost everything nearby. This leaves a sticky film on the seats which easily picks up tons of dirt. If you have to apply while on the boat, the best spot is on the swim platform.

2: Repeat after me, red food is badddd. 

Attentiveness to your lunch box is a great way to prevent pesky seat stains. Many foods and drinks which are vibrantly red are extremely good at staining your nice vinyl. Red drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade are not a great drink choice. Even other flavors of these drinks such as lemon or possibly blue raspberry are a better choice. It’s NOT just the red dye that wreaks havoc. Some red foods to also avoid are strawberries and raspberries. The juices from those fruits stain everything easily. Although a great summer treat, watermelon can also leave light red stains when the juice drips from your luscious bite of melon. Leave these items in your home refrigerator and your vinyl will be less likely to end up stained.

3: Remember that Sharpie is a permanent marker…

Packing sandwiches is a great way enjoy a full day out on the water. One insider tip when packing these lunches is to avoid the urge to use permanent marker on plastic bags in order to identify its contents.  If the plastic bag is left in the hot sun on the boat’s seat, the sharpie will rub off onto the seat, leaving a permanent ink stain. To avoid this issue, rip little strips of paper towel and write the names on those strips and then insert the paper into the bag with the sandwich. This way the Sharpie stays safe on the inside of the bag.

4: Wipe her down! 

A final tip for keeping your seats in tip top shape is to wipe them down after each boat ride. This removes any oils and food residue that can lead to bacteria build up and even mold.Be sure that you wipe the seats with a white or light colored towel…..many vibrant colored beach towels bleed dye out when they get very wet, so avoid using these towels for a final wipe down.  Better yet, avoid leaving those wet, colored towels on the seats at all.


*RaftUp Technologies does not encourage drinking and boating. Please boat responsibly and always have a PFD with you! 

Check back next time for tips on how to clean your boat’s vinyl when an inevitable accident happens!

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