If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in the United States, you will LOVE finding your next adventure using the RaftUp Outdoor Connections App! RaftUp is one of the best boating apps on the market because it allows users to not only have more fun on and off the water but it also features a safety element, unlike any other boating app you’ve used before. Learn more about our social boating app below!

Find your next outdoor adventure with our easy to use navigation map, try our new NOAA charts feature for coastal exploring, plan with marine & local weather, engage with our user forum, and get discounts on products and services.

What Can I Do on the RaftUp App?

Map Exploration

Outdoor map locations for boat ramps, restaurants, bars, sandbars, camping spots, beaches, dive sites, hiking trails, mile markers on navigable waterways. You can even add places of interest on the map to share. One of the most fun ways to utilize the RaftUp App is by sharing your location with your friends. Easily find your friends, family, great fishing spots, and more when you use our handy mobile map. Feel free to throw out your paper map that will probably get wet anyway and start using RaftUp!


A smart SOS alert and location sharing feature that can alert nearby RaftUp App users within 5 miles of your position, share incident information and your current location of with anyone added as a friend in the app. Our app enables immediate access to help and peace of mind as boaters can spend more time building lifelong memories with friends and family on the water.


Whether you are on the water or enjoy the outdoors off the water, it’s important to keep a close eye on the weather for your safety. Current reports on your area’s local weather, wind, 5-day forecast, plus tides, wave height, and water levels.

Set Your Business Apart

If you own a business that is outdoor driven such as a rental service or a marina, RaftUp can help you engage your customers, run your business, and attract new clients with our Destination Mangement Software that integrates with the RaftUp app! We can help you attract new clients that are already on the RaftUp, where customers can find, book, and pay for your service.

What Users Have to Say About the App!

Fun to be had
Raftup is great for helping me find things to do on the lake and more easily navigate. No more lost maps in the wind or trying to figure out up and down, the app helps me figure out exactly where I am and where to go! Plus, all of the other features are icing on the cake when it comes to making my boating adventures safe and fun. Cheers!

~Dallevian, 06/06/2018

Absolutely phenomenal app for users of all ages to use on the water! My daughter was out tubing with a friend and I could track her while sitting at home. Not only does this app provide an awesome social platform for locating fellow rafters, gas docks, marinas, restaurants and events on the water, it also provides an SOS for emergencies! Whether you’re stranded on the water due to running out of gas, boat broke down, or an unfortunate event, a press of a button sends your location to emergency first responders! You MUST down this app!

~ TatumNWright, 06/02/2018

Download Our Outdoor Connections App!

For fun and safety on the water, be sure to download the RaftUp App! From Smart IOS, Map exploration, connecting with your friends outdoors, you’ll have a blast enjoying the great outdoors when you use RaftUp! Click on the links below to easily download the app for your Apple or Android mobile device!