The weather is warming up with the arrival of spring which can only mean one thing… it’s boating season! Whether you love to boat on the lake or the river via kayak or on a recreational vessel, it’s time to break out your boat for some fun! We can’t be more excited about the warmer weather here at RaftUp! If you haven’t downloaded our outdoor connections app yet, you need to make it a top priority before the next time you head out on the water! RaftUp makes navigating the water easy with our map feature. Learn about our map feature below!

Find your next outdoor adventure with our easy to use navigation map, try our new NOAA charts feature for coastal exploring, plan with marine & local weather, engage with our user forum, and get discounts on products and services.

Find Local Businesses on the Water!

One of the best ways to utilize our map feature is it makes finding nearby business easy! Leave your paper map that may or may not be updated behind and use RaftUp to find nearby businesses.

Marina’s & Gas Docks

Whether you need to gas up or you need an afternoon snack, use the RaftUp App to find the nearest Mariana!


Looking for the best fishing spots on the lake or the river? You can find where the fish are at by using our fish attractor.

Boat Ramp

Ready to launch your boat on an unfamiliar waterway but you’re not sure where the nearest boat ramp is? Our app can tell you that too!


After a while of boating, you may be ready to kick back and relax on the beach! Find the nearest public beach using RaftUp.


Don’t own a boat but you’d like to get out on the water? You can find the nearest boat rentals on the app too! Whether you’re looking for a houseboat, jetski, powerboat, or kayak, the map has you covered!


It’s important to be aware of any potential hazards on the water. Check the RaftUp app before heading out to make sure there is nothing you should avoid.


Unfortunately, breakdowns do happen. It’s best to always have a gameplan for what to do if your boat breaks down. When you have the RaftUp app already on your phone if you do experience any problems with your boat you can find the nearest mechanic.


You can sure work up an appetite when you’re out on the water! If you didn’t pack a cooler and you’re looking for a nearby restaurant, RaftUp has you covered.


Ready to scuba dive? Find the best spots with the app!


If you’re a tourist in the area, you may not know the nearest place to take in some gorgeous sites. RaftUp can help you find them easily.

Mile Marker

Not sure how the mile markers work? Our Map feature displays them for you to make navigating the water easy.

Reef & Wildlife

Finding wildlife and local reefs is a great way to enjoy the outdoors! Find out where to go by using RaftUp


Looking for the best campsite to pitch a tent or hook up your camper? Use the RaftUp app to find nearby campsites.


Find on the water lodging by using the RaftUp app!

Other Features

There are tons of features to help you find businesses on and off the water! Below are even more things you can find when using RaftUp. Check out the list below but the best way to discover what the app can do is to download the app and check it out first hand!

  • Authority
  • Parks
  • Docks
  • Light House
  • Racing
  • Public Restrooms
  • Sailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Water Sports
  • Shallow Waterways
  • Water Info
  • Beware
  • Particle Obstruction
  • Anchorage
  • Lock Dams

Download RaftUp!

After you start using the RaftUp app to help you navigate the waterways, you won’t know how you boated without it!┬áThe RaftUp app gives you peace of mind when you are out on the water! Easily navigate waterways with our handy map feature and always feel safe with the smart SOS feature! To download our outdoor connections app, click the links below!