Traveling is a big deal in the United States and we are blessed to live in a great country where there is diverse terrain making it easy to stay within the United States and see so many great things! It just so happens that this week is National Travel and Tourism Week: May 5th – 11th! National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual tradition for the United States which focuses on the value travel holds for our economy, business, and personal well-being! At RaftUp, we love the idea of celebrating traveling and that’s why today, we have a list of reasons traveling is so important!

Boosts the Economy

One of the big reasons traveling is so important is it boosts the economy all across the United States. According to, travel & tourism generated nearly $1.1 trillion in the United States alone. As you can imagine, all of that revenue coming into the U.S. by both domestic and international travelers makes quite the impact on the economy here it the United States!

Creates Jobs

A thriving economy and jobs go hand in hand. When the economy and tourism sector is doing good, it creates jobs. In fact, in 2018 travel and tourism supported 8.9 million U.S jobs. The power of travel is huge when it comes to creating jobs and for every $1 million in sales of travel and services directly generates eight jobs for the industry, according to

Why is Traveling Important for Your Well-Being?

Obviously traveling and tourism is a great thing for the economy but have you ever wondered how traveling is important for your well-being? RaftUp has a list below!

#1 Provides Learning Opportunities

Often the reason people travel is to visit a historic site, national park, state park, or popular landmark. When you take the time to visit places around the United States, you learn more about the great country you live in and have fun while doing it!

#2 Allows You to Take a Break

There is a reason most companies allow you to take vacation time. Taking a break from our fast-paced lives gives us the chance to recharge and sometimes gives us a new perspective on life. Sometimes a vacation is much needed in order to take a break and slow down.

#3  Builds Stronger Relationships with Others

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a trip with friends, or a family vacation, traveling has a way of strengthening relationships with others. Traveling gives you the opportunity to break away from our busy lives and remember why you became friends with the people you travel with, the love you have for your family, or the opportunity to bond with your significant other by having focused time together.

#4 Celebrating

Celebrating is a big reason people travel. From destination weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries – just to name a few, a special occasion is a great reason to plan a trip.

Travel Using RaftUp

If you’re planning a trip in 2019, be sure to download our outdoor connections app, RaftUp, before your trip. RaftUp is your perfect travel companion – especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors on your trip IE going to the beach, camping, heading to the lake, and more! Use our mobile app to help you connect outdoors with your friends, find local restaurants, camping sites, rental companies, easily navigate waterways and more! Having the RaftUp App on your next trip is like having a personal guide in your pocket no matter where you travel. National Travel and Tourism Week is a great time to plan your next travel destination and be sure to thank all of those people you know that work in the travel and tourism sector!