Here at RaftUp Technologies, we love connecting outdoors and that’s why we created our free app, RaftUp. Having a platform that brings outdoor enthusiast together is our passion and keeping them safe while being outdoors is our mission. Outdoor safety is so important to us that we integrated a SmartSOS feature to enhance safety on your next outdoor adventure. Never be stranded outdoors when you use the RaftUp app! Read on to learn more about our SmartSOS feature.


First, A Little More About RaftUp

We built our free app, RaftUp, to help outdoor enthusiasts expand their community, find their next adventure, and enhance their safety. RaftUp is a multipurpose tool that integrates a social activity feed, location services, and points of interest to help people make the most out of the great outdoors.

RaftUp SmartSOS Feature

We don’t know very many people who spend a great deal of time outdoors that don’t have a story to tell about being lost, stranded, or in distress while on an outdoor adventure. When you get lost outdoors or a medical emergency arises, a big issue with getting help quickly is you often don’t know your exact whereabouts. Without an address for friends or first responders to find you, locating your exact location to get help can be a challenge. If a medical emergency happens whether you’re on land or in the water, time is critical. RaftUp recognizes this as a big problem in the outdoor world and that’s why we have a SmartSOS feature on our app!

When you are in distress, pressing our life preserver will send your coordinates and type of emergency sent to 911, your connections in the app, and anybody you select from your contact list. Saving lives is the core of our mission. It is what drives us to get as many people to participate in the community as possible.


The best part about downloading the RaftUp App is it’s completly free to all users! We want to keep you safe when you’re outdoors so we invite you to download the RaftUp today! You’ll never have to worry about being stranded again when you have the RaftUp App in your back pocket.