Boating season is in full swing but it’s never too late to invest in the latest and greatest boating accessories to make boating even more fun! There are so many cool accessories out there for all the boating enthusiasts. Some accessories are extremely practical while others are made for having more fun out on the water. Today, RaftUp has a list of some super cool boating accessories that you need to invest in ASAP.

GoPro Camera

Having the best technology when you are out on the water makes boating more fun! Easily capture your boating adventures by mounting a GoPro Camera anywhere on your boat! Whether you want to capture the gorgeous scenery or get some great action shots wakeboarding or waterskiing.

Doggy Ladder

Does your furry friend go boating with you? If so, you’ll want to invest in a doggy ladder! Having a doggy ladder will help your furry friends easily get in and out of the water.

Dry Bag

Let’s face it, no one likes it when their valuables get wet – like your keys, phone, wallet, and other electronic devices. There are are many dry bags available on the market and having one or two while you’re on the water is a must.

Waterproof Power Bank

Phones are a way of life in today’s day and age. Never go without having the RaftUp App, your camera, or the ability to call/text someone. Invest in a good quality waterproof power bank and have peace of mind that your phone will never go dead.

Waterproof Protective Pouch

Keep your phone safe at all times with a waterproof protective pouch. These protective phone pouches typically come with a handy lanyard and your phone is still usable while it’s in the pouch.

Drink Floatie

What is a day of boating with having a few refreshing drinks? Floaties for yourself are a lot of fun but did you know you can get the same cute floaties for your drink too?!

The RaftUp App!

One of the BEST boating accessories to take along with you on your next boating trip is the RaftUp App! RaftUp is an outdoor connections app for active outdoor and boating enthusiasts.¬†From Smart IOS, Map exploration, and connecting with your friends outdoors, you’ll have a blast enjoying the great outdoors when you use RaftUp! Our interactive map makes navigating to the nearest on the water activities easy. Download our FREE app and see what it’s all about or visit us at to learn more!