Do you love spending time outdoors? We sure do! We have a passion for the outdoors and that’s why we built our outdoor connections app, RaftUp! We built our free app, RaftUp, to help outdoor enthusiasts expand their community, find their next adventure, and enhance their safety. RaftUp is a multipurpose tool that integrates a social activity feed, location services, and points of interest to help people make the most out of the great outdoors. Have you downloaded the RaftUp App yet? If you not, read on to find out five reasons to download our free app immediately!

#1 You Like Getting Discounts

Okay, we think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE likes getting discounts! If someone offered you a great discount on a product or service, you wouldn’t respond with, “no thanks, I’ll pay full price for that.” Right?! When you use the RaftUp you can often find some great discounts on products and services from local outdoor businesses.

#2 You Love Spending Time Outdoors

If you love the outdoors like we do, we know you will love the RaftUp app! Our app makes finding your next outdoor adventure with our easy to use navigation map, planing with marine & local weather. engage with our user forum, and get discounts on products and services!

#3 Safety is Important to You

Spending time outdoors is a blast! However, we should always be keeping our safety top of mind. Whether you spend time on the water or on land, there are situations that could leave you stranded or a medical emergency could arise. RaftUp has a SmartSOS feature on our app so you can have peace of mind when you’re outdoors. When you are in distress, pressing our life preserver will send your coordinates and type of emergency sent to 911, your connections in the app, and anybody you select from your contact list.

#4 You Like Finding New Local Business

When you visit a new place, are you always on the hunt for a new restaurant on the water, rental services, or other fun things to do while you’re in town? Our interactive map within the app makes this easy! Our interactive map makes finding locations for boat ramps, restaurants, bars, sandbars, camping spots, beaches, dive sites, hiking trails, and mile markers on navigable waterways easy! You can even add places of interest on the map to share. One of the most fun ways to utilize the RaftUp App is by sharing your location with your friends. Easily find your friends, family, great fishing spots, and more when you use our handy mobile map.

Download the RaftUp App TODAY!

Ready to easily connect outdoors? Download our free outdoor connections app today! Have fun on and off the water, enjoy using our interactive map, and have peace with our SmartSOS! To download the app, click on the links below!